1990 - 2007

The studio was built for personal use by the photographer Norbert Guthier. Already the largest photo studio in the region at the time, Mr. Guthier quickly made a name for himself as a successful photographer. In addition to his day-to-day business, which consisted mainly of product and car photography, he gained several publications in erotic nude photography. In addition, he has been a member of the Frankfurt Zoological Society (ZGF) since 2005. For the ZGF he documents voluntarily their projects all over the world.


2007 - 2013

In 2007, Norbert Guthier began to withdraw piecemeal from the day-to-day business and devote himself to his own work. Therefore, his wife Bettina Guthier now opened the studio to other photographers and artists. Under the name Mietstudio Frankfurt West, the location quickly became known as the place for large photo productions. Due to the technical development and the increased use of moving images through the Internet, film productions were slowly added. In the following years, the photographer Uli Schepp worked a lot in the studio.

2013- 2017

Since 2013 the studio bears the current name Westside Studios. It was run by three photographers: Dieter Fieres, Patrizia Doubek and Sebastian Kujas. 

2017- 2020

Since 2017 Dieter Fierres took over the studio alone and further expanded the rental business. He is known for his fashion and beauty photography and makes mainly people.

2020 - today

In the midst of the pandemic, a young agency came into the studio. With a focus on video production, a lot has changed in the studio since then. In addition to new equipment, a ceiling rig and the entire switch from halogen to LED lighting, there have also been some visual changes. The studio was decluttered and all the large ceiling flashes, generators and photo tripods were removed. With the Video first approach, the studio is now the largest projection space in Frankfurt am Main and the venue for just about every major production in the region.
In 2022, a Bolt Motion Control robot was also added, the only robot in all of central Germany.