Westside Studios - The rental studio in Frankfurt.

Double Internet line

Two separate cable connections and a 5G-LTE hybrid backup solution

Perfectly tied

15 minutes from the airport and directly on the A5 exit Frankfurt Rödelheim

Green screen

Coating in Chroma Key green / blue possible


Own mask room with separate changing room

300 Area

Studio, kitchen, lounge, mask, garage total over 300

Passable by car

Vehicles up to 2,4m height can drive into the studio


Separate kitchen with sufficient space for catering or meetings

Ceiling Rail System

Ceiling rail system with 10 load motors

Power current connections

For the big productions the studio is supplied with enough high voltage current

The flexible studio, personnel and technology partner

We flexibly complement companies, agencies and productions. Our service can go from simple studio and technology rental to providing a livestream team. In any case, our bundled experience with studio productions is available. 

Classic productions that we accompany with our studio:

Floor plan

The floor plan shows the studio rooms with standard construction (truss square and ceiling canopy). The lounge shown on the right is on the first floor and has a studio window.

Show plan on full screen width Plan as PDF

A real film studio

Westside Studios is the oldest and largest rental studio in Frankfurt am Main. Built in the early nineties and designed as a studio from the outset, the studios have offered a perfect location for creative professionals for almost 30 years. 

We are clearly different from Pop-up Webcast or Daylightstudios. Our rental studio offers a professional truss system, ceiling sails, heavy current connections for professional film and photo equipment, a masonry cove, various pre-production rooms and a lot of modern film equipment.

If you are looking for a top production location in Frankfurt for your film and photo projects, then you have come to the right place. 

Director's seat in livestream with different screens

Livestream Studio

As a pure rental studio: You can rent the studio as a pure location with top film infrastructure.

Rent Studio Plus: Need assistance with lighting, sound or camera? Under "Prices / Rental"you will find our rental equipment. We are happy to provide the appropriate personnel.

Full service: Livestream production from A-Z? Whether internal corporate communication, B2B event or advertising directly for end customers - with our partners we ensure smooth production, the right platform and the right set design.

Greenscreen Studio

Our cove can be painted in Chroma Key Green or Blue. With over 160sqm of space, even large sets with several people or even cars are possible. 

Whether it's a live stream, a statement recording or a commercial shoot, the Westside Studio is the perfect location. 

People in film studio in front of green screen with cameras and lighting

Hygiene concept in the studio

The studio with its almost 300m² is large enough to comply with the distance rules for normal production size without any problems. If necessary, there is the possibility to create additional space in the courtyard and also the gallery above the studio can be prepared (e.g. for direction).

There are two separate lounges, which both have fresh air supply through windows. The large studio area can be ventilated through 4 windows and the large garage door. There are two entrances which can be marked as entrance and exit.

The catering can be set up in the kitchen and eaten in the separate lounge, so there is always enough space at the food counter. Furthermore, disinfectant dispensers and masks can be placed anywhere as needed. Subdivision by walkways with partitions is also possible. This allows the actors in front of the camera to enter the studio safely, past the technology and control room.

We use paper towels in the sanitary facilities and of course we provide liquid soap. After every shoot or event the entire surface is cleaned. All door handles, tables, chairs and the sanitary facilities are disinfected.

There is a hygiene briefing by the studio management before each project.