Start/end: The rental period begins with the agreed booking and ends when leaving the rental studio. Admission before 8:00 am is charged with one hour overtime.

Discount: For a usage of more than 3 days the WESTSIDE-STUDIOS TEAM will gladly offer you an individual discount.

Cleaning: The studio will be handed over clean and tidy at the beginning of the booking and must be left in the same condition. For the final cleaning we charge a lump sum of € 85,-. If the studio is dirty beyond the normal level (confetti, animal hair, etc.) we charge a lump sum cleaning fee depending on the effort.

Deliveries and collections: Need outside the rental period of coordination and will be charged with at least one overtime hour.

Rental prices

Daily rent (10 hours)
€ 680,- 

Separate lounge: 30m², two tables and a couch, with a window into the studio (as a workroom or control room)
€ 150,-

½ Day rental (5 hours)
€ 500,-

Surcharge for Sunday and public holidays
€ 150,-

Overtime per started hour
€ 85,-

Final cleaning/ancillary costs/handling
€ 85,-

Electricity according to consumption
€ 0,38 / kWh

Grooved floor freshly painted white
€ 200,-


ceiling canvas 5,4m x 2,7m
€ 100,-

Daylight package (Aputure): 3 x Aputure Nova P300c (RGB capable), 1 x Aputure 600d, 2 x Aputure 300d, 3 x Aputure 120d, Tripods, softboxes, boom arm, clamps etc. included
€ 550,-

Anti-reflective 4K / 65″ TV with stand for use as a talk show monitor for example. With variable frequency, Haze 26, contrast 4700:1, 500 nits brightness. 
€ 200,-



Studio assistance
€ 350,-

Studio assistance "on demand" (is present at the beginning to help & instruct and then available on demand)
€ 180,-

€ 580,-

Production teams
On request

Green- | Bluescreen

10m x 5m incl. hanging
€ 350,- 

We are happy to paint the fillet in

7m width | 4m height | 7m depth
€ 950,- 

8m width | 4m height | 8m depth
€ 1.250,-

Complete width of the fillet:
11m width | 4,50m height | 8m depth
€ 1.750,-

Complete fillet with sides right and left:
20m width | 5m height | 10m depth
€ 2.250,-

Costs incl. backstroke on white
Costs for fillet painting in a different colour on request

All prices are exclusive of value added tax. 

You can find offers for catering under and

WestsideStudios from outside
View into the make-up room of the studio