Rental conditions in brief
Apart from the daily rent, the final cleaning and electricity costs are incurred once. The minimum staff is the studio assistance on demand. 

Start/end: The rental time starts with the agreed booking and ends when leaving the rental studio. Entry before 8:00 am will be charged with one hour overtime. The rental is valid for 10 hours studio, after that time will be charged with overtime hours. 

Discount: From a use of more than 3 days and when renting technology, we are happy to offer you an individual discount. 

Cleaning: The studio is handed over clean and tidy at the beginning of the booking and is to be left in this condition. For the final cleaning we charge a flat rate of € 85,-. In case of excessive soiling (confetti, animal hair, etc.) we charge a flat cleaning fee depending on the effort. 

Deliveries and collections bs outside of the rental period and will be billed with at least one overtime hour.

Beginning in October 2022, we will increase our rental rates and implement a flat rate for heating costs due to increased gas prices.

Rental prices

  • Daily rent (10 hours) € 735-
  • Separate lounge € 165,-

    30m², two tables and couch, with window into the studio (as workroom or control room)

  • ½ Day rental (5 hours) € 540,-
  • Weekend surcharge € 165,-
  • Overtime per started hour € 95,-

    Core time from 08:00 - 18:00 hrs

  • Final cleaning/ancillary costs/handling € 95,-
  • Electricity according to consumption € 0,8 / kWh
  • Grooved floor freshly painted white € 220,-

    Mandatory for shooting with cars

  • Heating costs in winter According to consumption


Individual luminaires can also be rented.

Sound technology

  • Sound package 180 € base price plus 55 €
    per radio link or IEM

    8 x Shure SLX radio link
    8 x Shure PSM 300 in-ear monitoring (up to 4 channels)
    1 x Midas M32R Mixer + Stagebox (in base price)
    2 x Shure SM85 (e.g. as an emergency microphone, included in the basic price)
    1 x Rhode NTG-4 (e.g. as Athmomikro, in the basic price)

Green- | Bluescreen

  • Textile green screen 350 €

    Background 10m x 5m incl. hanging

  • 80m² green screen 950 €

    Rosco CHROMA KEY GREEN or BLUE - costs incl. backcoat on white
    7m width | 4m height | 7m depth

  • 110m² green screen 1.250 €

    Rosco CHROMA KEY GREEN or BLUE - costs incl. backcoat on white
    8m width | 4m height | 8m depth

  • 135m² green screen 1.750 €

    Rosco CHROMA KEY GREEN or BLUE - costs incl. backcoat on white
    11m width | 4,50m height | 8m depth - complete width of the cove

  • 160m² green screen 2.250 €

    Rosco CHROMA KEY GREEN or BLUE - costs incl. backcoat on white
    20m width | 5m height | 10m depth - Complete cove with sides right and left

Furniture, Set & Other

  • Grey armchair 50 € / piece / day

    5 pieces available, with side tables and assembly & disassembly

  • PVC floor parquet look 200 € / day

    Format: 10m x 7m

  • 65 inch studio monitor 200 € / day

    4k, anti-reflective (haze 25) incl. rollable stand

  • 45 inch monitor (Confidence Monitor) 40 € / piece / day

    3 pieces available incl. tripods

  • 19" reference monitor (SUMO19) 109€ / day

    Incl. SDI / HDMI cable.


  • Studio assistance "on demand € 180,- / day

    The least that can be booked in terms of staff. Is present at the beginning to help & instruct and then available on call for questions about rail system, power, technology, etc..

  • Studio assistance € 350,- / day
  • Lighter*in € 580,- / day
  • Production Team upon request

Camera & Broadcast

  • Teleprompter 19″ 190 € / day

    With HDMI / SDI / VGA input and output.
    Includes Mac with software.

  • Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K Pro 150 € / day

    5 cameras available, including tripod.
    Optional lenses and radio focus / zoom available.

  • Livestream Equipment upon request

    Cameras, mixers, encoders, hyperdecks, etc.

  • URSA 12K 200 €

    PL Mount, optional with Tokina 11-20 and 25-75 and Probe Lens.

  • LTE Bonding Backup 490 € / day

    Failover router with external antennas that switches between our DSL connection and a mix of the locally available LTE networks (Telekom / Vodafon / O2). From experience with a speed of about 90Mbit/s down and about 50Mbit/s up.

All prices are exclusive of value added tax. 

You can find offers for catering under and Our house recommendation for catering is:

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