Livestream Location Frankfurt

Your digital live event in the Westside Studios: Do you need an alternative to your face-to-face event? Transform our rental studio rooms into your television and film studio. Choose your individual digital format. In news style, as a talk show or in the form of a digital presentation. Be online, live, everywhere and simultaneously. Westside Studios is the largest livestream studio in Frankfurt and offers almost unlimited possibilities for the design of your set.

We offer you the suitable premises and the fast Internet connection with 100 MBit/s down- and 40 MBit/s upload speed. The internet connection is doubly secured with a redundancy over the 5G network, so that nothing will go wrong with your stream. We paint in Chroma Key Green for virtual backgrounds or stretch a textile green screen in 10m x 5m.

Planning security

We have not had to cancel an event due to Covid-19 since the pandemic began. We have comprehensive hygiene measures and all studio staff work 2G+ (recovered or vaccinated plus a daily test before any client contact). 

Contacts can be kept to a minimum by using a remote control room, for example. The entire on-site control room can also be set up spatially separate from the speakers. In addition, the use of air purifiers, FFP2 masks and permanent disinfection by trained personnel is possible. 

Due to the official regulations no stream has been cancelled by us yet.  

Corona proof Livestreams

The well-rehearsed studio team comes from two households. Therefore, we are able to maintain operations despite tightened Corona regulations. Should your event not be able to take place due to Corona regulations of the federation or country, you do not have to pay any costs. How much does your livestream cost? Here to the inquiry form

300 Area

Studio, kitchen, lounge, mask, garage total over 300

Double Internet line

Two separate cable connections and a 5G-LTE hybrid backup solution

Ceiling Rail System

Ceiling rail system with 10 load motors

View of a set with a talk show from above
Behind the Scenes view of a livestream with a view to the technology

Hygiene concept in the studio

The studio, with its almost 300m², is large enough to be able to comply with the spacing rules for a normal production size without any problems. If necessary, there is the possibility to create additional space in the courtyard and the gallery above the studio can also be prepared (e.g. for control room) for additional space.

There are two separate lounges, both of which have fresh air ventilation through distance windows. The large studio area can be ventilated through 4 windows and the large garage door. There are two entrances which can be marked as entrance and exit.

The catering can be set up in the kitchen and eaten in the separate lounge, so there is always enough space at the food counter. In addition, disinfectant dispensers and masks can be set up everywhere as required. It is also possible to subdivide by walkways with partition walls. This allows the actors in front of the camera to get safely past the technical equipment and control room into the studio.

We use paper towels in the sanitary facilities and of course we provide liquid soap. After every shoot or event the entire surface is cleaned. All door handles, tables, chairs and the sanitary facilities are disinfected.

There is a hygiene briefing by the studio management before each project.

All studio personnel are 2G+.

How much does your livestream cost? Here to the inquiry form