Westside Studios
Westerbachstrasse 105
65936 Frankfurt am Main

The Location

The studio is conveniently located at the Frankfurt West junction500m away from the motorway exit Frankfurt Rödelheim (A648)

3km to Messe Frankfurt, 5km to the main railway station and 10km or 10 minutes drive to Frankfurt Airport.

Public transport: S3, S4, S5 to Rödelheim railway station, continue by bus 55 to Wilhelm-Fay-Straße, or on foot (1500m).


Any questions?

Here you will find all frequently asked questions and answers about renting the film studio, studio equipment, cove and more, in our rental studio in Frankfurt.

Rent of Westside Studios in Frankfurt

A daily rental in our Westside Studios in Frankfurt comprises ten hours. These can be adjusted relatively flexibly in terms of time. If you need significantly less than ten hours, we can also charge you a half-day rental. Longer use of the rental studio in Frankfurt is also possible. For each started overtime hour we charge 85€.

The core hours in our film studio are 8:00 to 21:00. If you would like to use the studio at earlier or later times, this is of course possible by arrangement. If necessary, a surcharge will be charged for very early or very late use.

Of course, our Westside Studios can also be rented on weekends. On weekends and holidays a surcharge of 150€ will be charged.

You are welcome to visit our film and photo studio beforehand to get a first impression and clarify initial questions. This is often possible spontaneously, the studios are always occupied. Just call or write a short mail: 069 20166543 /

Equipment and personnel

From studio assistant to lighting technician to DoP, we can provide everything needed for a professional production. Especially our lighting technician and our live technician are often booked. Depending on the function, the daily rates range from 400 € - 700 €.

Also TV stations or production houses often book our live team, which operates the live technology and does picture mixing or a recording team for studio recordings (e.g. statements before green).

Our team is also happy to act as part of your team (white labeling). Westside Studios only acts as a rental studio in front of the end customer in order to avoid possible competition.

We will be happy to advise you: 069 20166543 /

We have a large amount of continuous light for rent - enough for a car shoot or even large streaming events. In our light packages we offer different bundles at a reasonable price. The special feature: Grip is included. Enough tripods, clamps, cables, but also some softboxes, bounces and frames are included in each package. Details can be found on the rental page:

Our bolt camera robot is available in the studio at a comparatively very low price - but the robot can also be rented for outdoor shoots. The robot basically comes with an operator and usually an assistant. Breathtaking shots and perfect conditions for virtual production / VFX. More information about the robot and rental:

There are 5 Blackmagic Studio Cameras Pro available for livestreaming, plus DZO LingLung Mft cine lenses or speedboosted Sigma Art lenses. Our cine camera is a URSA 12K with PL mount. We use two Tokina Cine Zooms (11-20 and 25-75 T2.9) and the Probe Lense. There is a lot more lenses, cameras, monitors etc. available. We will be happy to answer any questions on the phone or by mail: 069 20166543 /
Our live setup is suitable for streaming up to 20 cameras, for complex streams with many inputs from different sources. With two encoders, decoders, redundant internet line and many other features. Thanks to recorders and timecode also suitable for recording live-on-tape events! Our sound rack includes a Midas M32 mixing console with 8 Shure radio links & lavalier microphones, 8 Shure IEMs, recording equipment and more. To rent feel free to call / email. We are also happy to provide the appropriate staff: we will be happy to advise you: 069 20166543 /

Equipment of the photo and film studio

The kitchen in our rental studio in Frankfurt is equipped with everything you need and includes a refrigerator, cutlery and crockery, running water, a coffee machine and a microwave.

For longer film productions or livestreams at our rental studio, we are happy to recommend a catering service. Particularly popular with past productions are the services of and from Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Of course our rental studio has WIFI in all rooms.

Westside Studios has a separate makeup room. We can gladly provide you with someone for powdering or styling before and during the video shoot.

We have a large stock of LED lighting equipment with associated modifiers and grip. There is also camera and sound equipment, as well as a motion control robot in the rental. More here:

We have a symmetrical fiber optic connection with 600Mbit/s upload and download in the studio, which can be booked for streams. Two DSL lines with 40Mbit/s upload and 100Mbit/s download each are available for this.

For live streams, we also like to book our 5G backup incl. router, which automatically switches between the available connections.

The studio has:

1 x 63a 6-pin CEE (without distributor)
2 x 32a 5-pole CEE (sub-distributed to a total of 10 Schuko / 1 x 32a 5-pin CEE / 2 x 16a 5-pin CEE)
1 x 16a 5-pole CEE (sub-distributed to 3 Schuko / 1 x 16a 5-pin CEE

The total utilization should not exceed 44kW/h. If CEE 3-pole / three-phase current is required, an appropriate distributor must be brought along. MBF Filmtechnik (diagonally opposite) offers this at a reasonable price.

Around the Westside Studios

In front of our rental studio, directly behind the driveway, there are three parking spaces that can be used. Directly by the garage/driveway of the studio is space for two more Sprinters or three vehicles. Furthermore, public parking spaces are usually also free on our street.

The film studio can be approached directly with two sprinters. Preferably, you should drive backwards on our driveway in order to be able to unload optimally and to be able to leave the area of the rental studio again without any problems.

Our film and photo studio can be accessed by cars with a maximum height of 2.4m.

Various supermarkets and shopping facilities are within walking distance.

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WestsideStudios from outside
View into the make-up room of the studio