Largest film & photo studio in Frankfurt
Up to 160 m² green screen area
Both green line of the fillet and hung textile green screen possible
Green screen information
Frankfurt's top livestream location
Stable Internet for 4K streams, soundproof and perfectly connected.
live streams
Brick fillet
Our cove has 24 meters of run, solid and also rounded at the ceiling for a perfect illumination

The film studio in Frankfurt

Frankfurt's top location for commercial film productions, live events, music videos, car shoots and green screen productions. Optimal location with perfect connections to Frankfurt's main train station and airport. The Westside Studio is the largest studio in the area with its unique 300 m². 

We are perfectly equipped with modern lighting, camera and sound equipment for rent - see the subpage >>.Rental<<.

Double Internet line

Two separate cable connections and a 5G-LTE hybrid backup solution

Perfectly tied

15 minutes from the airport and directly on the A5 exit Frankfurt Rödelheim

Green screen

Coating in Chroma Key green / blue possible


Own mask room with separate changing room

300 Area

Studio, kitchen, lounge, mask, garage in total about 300

Passable by car

Vehicles up to 2,4m height can drive into the studio


Separate kitchen with sufficient space for catering or meetings

Ceiling Rail System

Ceiling rail system with 10 load motors

Power current connections

For the big productions the studio is supplied with enough high voltage current

Floor plan and standard layout

The floor plan shows the studio space with standard setup (truss square and canopy ceiling). The lounge shown on the right is located on the second floor and has a window into the studio.

Show plan on full screen width Plan as PDF

360° tour of the studio

In this tour the main rooms are shown: Cave & Studio I, Mask, Kitchen and Common Room.

Impressions from the studio

Your study advantage

Professional video production in a film studio offers a number of advantages over production on your own or improvised sets.

One of the biggest advantages is control over the environment. In a film studio, you'll have access to professional lighting, sound recording and camera equipment, as well as the option to use a green screen. This allows you to shoot your videos in a controlled environment and ensure that the footage is of the highest quality.

Another advantage is time saving. A film studio allows you to carry out your production in an efficient and organized environment. You'll have access to experienced technicians who can help you set up and manage the equipment, reducing production time.

A studio also offers a degree of flexibility, as there are usually ways to customize the studio to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team is available to help you realize your projects.

Another great advantage is the privacy and security that a studio offers. You can do your production in a closed environment, avoiding interruptions and disturbances, and therefore you can concentrate on your work.

Overall, using a film studio offers a variety of benefits that can help make your video productions more efficient, professional, and successful. Contact us today to book your next video production in our studio and benefit from all the advantages