BIS ZU 160qm Greenscreen area
Both green line of the coving and suspended textile screenscreen possible

Greenscreen | Bluescreen Studio Frankfurt

Whether videos with animated elements, photos against various backgrounds or motion capture - a green or blue screen can be used in all areas of the photo and film industry. For music videos, image and advertising films or extraordinary photos - there are no limits to your creativity!

For recordings in front of a green screen or blue screen at our Westside Studios we offer two solutions:

You can use our TEXTILE GREENSCREEN-Background 10m x 5m incl. suspension for € 350,00 rent.

We are also happy to paint the fillet in CHROMA KEY GREEN or CHROMA KEY BLUE for more extensive shots where the floor should also be visible. You can adjust the size individually according to your wishes.

We used Rosco Chroma Key / Greenscreen paint exclusively. Anyone who often shoots in front of green will know Rosco. The brand originating from the USA was developed especially with and for videographers. It has a high luminosity as well as color saturation. Due to the matte finish of the color, it reflects less. 

7m width | 4m height | 7m depth
€ 950,00

Complete width of the fillet:
11m width | 4,50m height | 8m depth
€ 1.750,00

8m width | 4m height | 8m depth
€ 1.250,00

Complete fillet with sides right and left:
20m width | 5m height | 10m depth
€ 2.250,0

Detail of paint buckets for the green screen

Frequently asked questions about green screen production

When shooting one to two people in front of green and not filming the feet, the hung green screen can be used. 

In all other cases, we advise using the painted green screen.

Rosco color has been specially developed for green screen productions together with filmmakers. The paint reflects significantly less green light than others. It also covers very well and is less sensitive to walking on. 

We have lighting technicians in house who can illuminate the green screen with LED light if required or light up their protagonists during the shoot. We also have the appropriate film LED light on site.