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Camera robots, cine or motion control robots are industrial robots that can make incredibly precise repeatable camera movements with special conversions and software optimized for camera movements. All motion axes, zoom, focus and iris of the camera are controlled by the robot. The resulting moves are extremely accurate, repeatable and can be imported as a path into programs like Maya or After Effects. This not only makes the shoot efficient, but also the post production. In addition, the possibilities offered by the system are almost limitless. Shots that were impossible with gimbals or cranes are now a matter of minutes.

Data and facts about the camera robot


Camera Robot. With 4m range & 6m tracks

Our robot arm is one of the only large motion control arms for rent in Germany. on rails. With 2.1m reach from the center plus 6 meters of rails, you have the flexibility it needs for your artistic vision.

You can rent the camera robot arm in our studio in Frankfurt am Main. The price always includes a robot operator from us. The operator programs the movements quickly and easily on location, or prepares the paths in Maya for complex shootings. With motion control, the result is more interesting and the shooting time is shorter - every movement is extremely precise and repeatable. 

You also have the possibility to control external devices via the software. Music, turntables, lights, other robots... For this, please contact our motion control camera experts in advance. 

We are also happy to offer a free remote session to test and try out the functionality and capabilities of the Bolt Robot.

Our rig

The robot can be used with most professional and semi-professional cameras. We rent it with the BMD URSA Mini 12K. With extreme flexibility in resolutions (4K / 8K / 12K raw without sensor crop) and high framerates (up to 240fps in 4K super 16, 8K up to 160fps and 12K up to 60fps) it is the perfect match for the motion control system. Recording is done on cFast cards or NVMe U.2 hard drives.

For this we use Tokina Cine Zooms (11-20mm and 25-75mm), the Tokina 100mm Macro and the Laowa 24mm Probe Lens.

The lenses are controlled by 3 ARRI cPRO / cFORCE Plus motors.

Prices for Camera, Robot & Modeling

Motion control has become much more affordable than it was just a few years ago. We can offer attractive all-inclusive prices, especially for productions in our studio. As the prices otherwise vary greatly depending on the requirements, please give us a short call or send us an e-mail to estimate the project. We can quote the costs in the first phone call or shortly afterwards by e-mail. More information about Motion Control can be found on our page


Cine Robot sample videos

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