The livestream agency with studio in Frankfurt

Your digital live event in the studio: You need an alternative to your face-to-face event? Turn our rooms into your TV studio. Choose your individual digital format. In news style, as a talk round or in the form of a digital presentation? Be online, live, anywhere and at the same time. The Westside Studios are the largest live stream studio in Frankfurt and offer almost unlimited possibilities for the design of your set. 

Triple secured Internet

Two separate cable connections plus LTE bonding

Perfectly tied

10 minutes from the airport, 12 minutes from the main station

Green screen

Virtual set desired?


Own mask room with separate changing room

Catering & lounges

Separate kitchen for catering and lounge with window into the studio

Well-rehearsed streaming team

Separate kitchen with sufficient space for catering or meetings

Free design possibilities

From talk show to newscast to gaming stream.

High aesthetic standards

No "PTZ" cameras and camcorders, just high quality film equipment.

Conscientious hygiene

Planning reliability for you: So far not a single day of shooting lost due to Corona.

Remote direction

You don't need to be here to be in control.

Pre- and post-production

Matching animations and inserts enhance your stream.

Customized player & landing page

If you do not have a platform for your streams

Plan your live event

Whether a meeting, conference, press release, presentation, talk show. Your event deserves the best possible implementation. At the beginning of planning, many questions arise that are best clarified directly in person or in a phone call. Many people do not have much experience with livestreams. We first see ourselves as educators, so that you can find your way around and make the right decisions. Virtual set? Green screen? Real set construction? Switching and user interaction? We'll show you the options and their implications. Call us now:  +49 (0)69 201 66543

Pleasant atmosphere for your speakers

For speakers, a live situation is always associated with stress. All the more important is a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant mood on the set. Our team is there for you, friendly, interested, patient. We make sure that you and your speakers always know what is coming and are optimally prepared for it. It is extremely important that the actors of a stream feel comfortable on set. We make sure that this is the case.

Secure connection to your audience

We use two separate DSL connections (each with 100 MBit/s down and 40 MBit/s upload speed) plus an LTE bonding backup with an average of 60 MBit/s down and up. If desired, a SAT uplink can also be booked. To your platform we send two streams from two encoders to prevent hardware failure. Our SetUp is based on hardware switchers, converters, encoders. Not streaming programs. So we achieve a level of security that is not possible with computers.

What does a livestream cost?

This question is impossible to answer in general. As a rough guide: A very simple, small stream starts at about 5000 €, for a somewhat larger corporate event it is usually 15,000 € - 20,000 €, for a more complex stream with an elaborate set it quickly becomes 25,000 € - 35,000 €. For events of several days with a lot of program it is quickly 50.000 € - 100.000 €. It always depends on the complexity and the demand. Our streams are basically professional, but there are also major differences (just as there are qualitative differences between the breakfast and the evening program on television. Both are professional, but one has a much higher visual standard).

How much does your livestream cost? Here to the inquiry form for a quick answer