Westside Studios Frankfurt Photo Location

Even though our studio is now mainly booked for commercials, corporate video and livestreams - The Westside Studio is the perfect photo location in Frankfurt with its three-sided cove with 26m walking distance. Originally, the studio was actually built as a photo studio as well. The 4.5 - 5m high ceilings and a large ceiling track system allows to hang lights and flashes with up to 1000kg total load. A big advantage are the D8+ load motors from which the trusses hang. This allows them to be conveniently raised and lowered. 

If desired, the entire cove can be painted in color, hung out with molleton, or transformed into an edgeless virtual production studio with special Rosco green screen paint. Colored photo boards are available free of charge.



The studio offers a separate kitchen with fridge, coffee maker, dishwasher etc. 

In addition, there is a separate mask room with two make-up places and a spacious separate changing room. The whole studio is equipped with W-LAN and also super air-conditioned in winter by the underfloor heating. 

The heavy current 2 x 32 A, 1 x 16 A connections offer enough power for various light and flash devices.

Fashion shootings

Considerable space is offered by our all-round brick coving - large groups, various sets, extensive superstructures - everything is possible in our rental studio in Frankfurt. Photography at several locations - thanks to our gallery, even from elevated camera positions is possible. Our photo studio offers the best solution for all kinds of photo shootings, throughout Frankfurt and the surrounding area. And thanks to our underfloor heating, it never gets cold in front of the cameras, even if you are lightly dressed.

Much space

Again and again we are happy to integrate a car, a pony or anything that doesn't like stairs into our sets and backdrops. Plenty of space is a luxury we like to share - even with a direct driveway to the yard. The hollow offers with 110 m² floor space for the largest objects, on a total of 300 m² belonging to the studio, the production can spread out.

Mask / Styling

Westside Studios mask room with lighted mirrors

Your models and stylists will love the make-up room. On two height-adjustable chairs in front of illuminated mirrors can be optimally prepared for the shoot.

Extra rooms

In addition to the mask, the studio also offers a lounge with a window onto the production area and a kitchen for catering. The kitchen has counter, gastro fridge, coffee machine and candy selection.

Frequently asked questions

A daily rental in our Westside Studios in Frankfurt comprises ten hours. These can be adjusted relatively flexibly in terms of time. If you need significantly less than ten hours, we can also charge you only a half-day rental. Longer use of the rental studio in Frankfurt is also possible. For each started overtime hour we charge 85€.

The core hours in our film and photo studio are 8:00 to 21:00. If you would like to use the studio at earlier or later times, this is of course possible by arrangement. If necessary, a surcharge will be charged for very early or very late use.

Of course, our Westside Studios can also be rented on weekends. On weekends and holidays a surcharge of 150€ will be charged.

You are also welcome to visit our film and photo studio beforehand to get a first impression and clarify initial questions. This often works spontaneously, the studios are always occupied. Just call or write a short mail: +49 (0) 069 201 66543 / hello@westside-studios.eu

Yes! There is a kitchen for catering, a mask, a lounge and the garage.

The kitchen in our rental studio in Frankfurt is equipped with everything necessary and has a refrigerator, cutlery and dishes, running water, a coffee machine and a microwave.

We have a large stock of LED lighting equipment with associated modifiers and grip. There is also camera and sound equipment, as well as a motion control robot in the rental - so most of the equipment is rather designed for video, although continuous lighting is of course universally usable. More here: https://www.westside-studios.eu/preise/

The studio has:

1 x 63a 6-pin CEE (without distributor)
2 x 32a 5-pole CEE (sub-distributed to a total of 10 Schuko / 1 x 32a 5-pin CEE / 2 x 16a 5-pin CEE)
1 x 16a 5-pole CEE (sub-distributed to 3 Schuko / 1 x 16a 5-pin CEE

The total utilization should not exceed 44kW/h. If CEE 3-pole / three-phase current is required, an appropriate distributor must be brought along. MBF Filmtechnik (diagonally opposite) offers this at a reasonable price.