Westside Studios Frankfurt Photo Location

The Westside Studio is the perfect photo location in Frankfurt with its three-sided cove with 26m walking distance. The 4.5m high ceilings and a large ceiling rail system makes it possible to hang lights and flashes with up to 1000 kg total load. A big advantage are the D8+ load motors from which the trusses hang. This allows them to be raised and lowered comfortably. 

If desired, the entire cove can be painted in color, hung with molleton, or transformed into an edgeless virtual production studio with special Rosco green screen paint.



The studio offers a separate kitchen with fridge, coffee maker, dishwasher etc. 

In addition, there is a separate mask room with two make-up places and a spacious separate changing room. The whole studio is equipped with W-LAN and also super air-conditioned in winter by the underfloor heating. 

The heavy current 2 x 32 A, 1 x 16 A connections offer enough power for various light and flash devices.

Fashion shootings

Considerable space is offered by our all-round brick coving - large groups, various sets, extensive superstructures - everything is possible in our rental studio in Frankfurt. Photography at several locations - thanks to our gallery, even from elevated camera positions is possible. Our photo studio offers the best solution for all kinds of photo shootings, throughout Frankfurt and the surrounding area. And thanks to our underfloor heating, it never gets cold in front of the cameras, even if you are lightly dressed.

Plenty of space for many ideas

Again and again we are happy to integrate a car, a pony or anything that doesn't like stairs into our sets and backdrops. A lot of space is a luxury that we like to share - even with a direct entrance to the yard. Unbeatable!

Borders up? Only one - that's the 2.40 m high studio entrance.

Room for talents

But there are also moments of great silence in the Westside studios. When our 15-year-old talent picked up the violin, there was just her and her enchanting melody.

Simply be undisturbed, in a pleasant studio atmosphere.

cute dog

Even the very youngest children feel comfortable with us. Nearly 25 paw owners* at once were already scurrying around in the Westside Studios Frankfurt.

The 56 frogs, toads and newts are also looking forward to company in the Westside pond in front of our studio engine.
And, don't worry - they can't be heard inside the studio.