Largest film studio in Frankfurt am Main

Westside Studios is the largest and best equipped studio in Frankfurt am Main. The special advantage of the studio is that it was built 30 years ago as a studio - so it is not a converted warehouse or a studio carpentered with trusses. The film studio has a masonry cove with 30 m running distance, a ceiling track system with a load capacity of up to 1000 kg and D8+ motors, 2 x 32 A, 1 x 16 A Connections Power connections, a mask with changing room, own kitchen, lounge and much, much more. There is wifi throughout the studio and two separate internet lines for even more power. In addition, the studio is drivable with cars and has underfloor heating in the entire studio area.  

Conveniently, MBF, the largest film distributor in the Rhine-Main region, is only 200 m away from the studio. This means that even large sets and buildings can be realised without great logistical effort. 

Perfectly tied

15 minutes from the airport and directly on the A5 exit Frankfurt Rödelheim

Large green screen

Coating in Chroma Key green / blue possible

Double Internet line

Two separate cable connections and a 5G-LTE hybrid backup solution

300 Area

Studio, kitchen, lounge, mask, garage total over 300

Passable by car

Vehicles up to 2,4m height can drive into the studio

Kitchen & lounge

Lounge with a view of the studio and separate kitchen for catering

Film set

Are you looking for a film studio in Frankfurt where you can realize a TV interview, a music video or various other film projects? A perfect location in Frankfurt, for your film cut-outs in front of a green or blue screen? Or would you prefer an adventurous film set with individual background construction? A possibility to produce a music video with cars in the large rooms of a professional rental studio? We will plan the ideal film set with you at your request and have reliable partners* from Frankfurt at hand to ensure the best practical implementation.

What makes Westside Studios different?

Film studios are specially prepared premises for video and film shooting. Unlike other studios, Westside Studios were designed as such by an architect over 30 years ago. This has advantages in terms of volume, infrastructure and functionality. 

The ceiling height is optimally adapted to the studio size. This gives you enough space upwards to rig lamps. Our ceiling motor system makes it easy to build complex sets or to quickly change the light. 

The masonry cove offers not only the largest in Frankfurt with its 30 m running width. It is also passable by heavy cars.

The studio is built so that no sound comes in from outside. The building is masonry and not a tin hall. In addition, the entire studio is heated via underfloor heating and thus causes no ventilation sound. Even in summer, the studio is already cool and quiet. Aircraft noise, emergency vehicles on the road, etc. are all not heard in the studio. 

music videos

TV talk show

Film production