Fashion Shootings

Our circumferential fillet offers remarkable space for large groups, several sets, extensive setups - anything is possible! Photography at different sceneries - the gallery even allows elevated camera views. Your courage is the only limit. Our floor heating ensures nobody is ever cold - even in the tiniest outfits.

More space, more ideas

Time and again we are excited to integrate a car, a pony or anything that doesn't like stairs into our sets. Huge space is a luxury we love to share - accompanied by a driveway from the yard. 

Any barriers? Just one - the 2,40 m high entry gate to the studio.

Room for talent

But there are moments of great silence in the Westside Studios, too. When our 15-year-old talent picked up her violine, there was only her and her enchanting melody.


Just be private in an undisturbed and calming studio atmosphere.

Cute dog

Even the smallest feel comfortable at ours. Approximately 25 pet owners at once bustled through the Westside Studios.


The 56 frogs, toads and newts in our Westside pond, in front of the studio, look forward to your company.

Don't be afraid - not one noise is to be heard from them inside.