Large Sail: 

white or silver 3 m x 6 m


Artificial light:

3x 2000 W Arri

5x 1000 W Arri

3x 650 W Arri

5x Dedo Lights

3x 1250 W Panel Lights

tripods, clamps, etc



6x 8000 Ws Generators (Hensel)

1x surface light (flash) 6 m x 1.20 m

1x surface light (flash) 5 m x 2 m

1x 6000 Ws round light

8x Flashheads 8000 Ws

Various softboxes, tripods, clamps etc.

Ceiling rail system Hensel


Smoke machine


Price on request

All further equipment is available in 400m distance at the largest film technology rental in the Rhine-Main area, or a little further away, but still reachable in 10 minutes directly via A648 at