300 m² of surface area | 5 m ceiling height

Preview LCD Monitor 50 "| air conditioning

free Internet with WiFi; accessible via cable and WiFi (VDSL 50000) | heavy current 63 A

barrier-free access at ground level | driveable flooring

make-up and styling room

fully equipped kitchen | hot and cold drinks

parking spaces in front of the studio | close to motorway exit A648 Frankfurt-Rödelheim

public transport Rödelheim station S3, S4, S5, bus 252, 34, 55, 60, 72; from there take bus 55 to Wilhelm-Fay-Straße walking distance 1676 m 

catering upon request | large REWE super market within walking distance


Sound recordings are possible!

The studio is accessilbe by car on ground level (passage height 2.40m).

Two large autolights for car shootings and a large sail are available.




Size: 11 x 12 m (132 sqm)

Ceiling height: 5 m


Background carton: upon order


Floor: passable


Hollow: solid, 22 m long, (round horizon with floor, ceiling, side walls), on request in Chroma Key Greenscreen or Chroma Key Bluescreen.


Green- / Bluescreen:

We would like to paint the hollow choke in Chroma Key Green or Blue:

30 square meters: 4m width / 4m height / 4m depth 730, - €

60 sqm: 7 m width / 4 m height / 4 m depth 930, - €

90 sqm: 8m width / 4m height / 8 m depth 1.130, - €

Complete: 20m width / 5m height / 10m depth 1.650, - €


Costs include repaint to white


Roof rail system: with 10 load motors and 2 turnstiles


Artificial light:

4x 2 kW Arri

5x 1 kW Arri

3x 650 W Arri

5x Dedo Lights

tripods, clamps, etc



1x Hensel Porty * with ring flash and Grand 90

6x 8000 Ws Generators (Hensel)

1x surface light (flash) 6 m x 1.20 m

1x surface light (flash) 5 m x 2 m

1x 6000 Ws round light

8x Flashheads 8000 Ws

Various softboxes, tripods, clamps etc.

Ceiling rail system Hensel


* Price on request

All further equipment is available in 400m distance at the largest film technology rental in the Rhine-Main area, or a little further away, but still reachable in 10 minutes directly via A648 at