ceiling canvas: € 100,00
Format: 280cm x 550cm (optionally in silver or white)

Textile greenscreen incl. hanging € 350,00
Format: 10m x 5m

6 x 8000 Ws generators (Hensel)
1 x area light (flash) 6m x 1,20m
1 x area light (flash) 5m x 2m
Various softboxes, tripods, clamps etc.
Hensel ceiling rail system

Other equipment
On request

Daylight package (550 € / day):

3 x Aputure Nova P300c (RGB capable)
1 x Aputure 600d
2 x Aputure 300d
3 x Aputure 120d
Tripods, softoxes, boomarm, clamps etc. included

Artificial light package (300 € / day):
3 x 2000 W Arri
5 x 1000 W Arri
3 x 650 W Arri
3 x 1250 W area light
5 x Dedo-Lights
Tripods, boom arm, clamps etc. included

Individual lights can also be rented.

All other equipment is available at 400m distance at the biggest film equipment rental in the Rhein-Main area www.mbf.deor a little further away, but still reachable in 10 minutes directly via the A648, at www.711rent.com. You can find furniture for your set at www.mms-miet.de.

View into the technical room of the studio